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DiBurro Guitars

is located in the beautiful and historic downtown section
of Exeter, NH near the Atlantic seacoast. I opened for business more than 2 decades ago initially offering service on all makes of acoustic and electrified fretted instruments. My specialty is the repair and restoration of Acoustic Guitars, narrowed exclusively to servicing the instruments of these fine companies.

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Matin Bin I've learned and continue to seek out proper and ethical repair techniques from extended stays at the repair departments of major manufactures as well as independent providers of guitar service. Many procedures and techniques utilized in the recent past are obsolete and by updating methods through a combined consortium of repairers the trade remains current. In an odd irony with technological advances in adhesives the clock has been spun backwards to encourage the use of a century old adhesive in the form of Hot Hide Glue. Many luthiers have readopted this simple resin in lieu
of modern alternatives and it is an important resource in my shop as well.

Proper applications of finishes or coatings is a sub-trade in itself and I apply compatible finishes as required including Shellac, Lacquer, Varnish, Catalyzed Urethanes and UV Cured finishes. Musicians in need of discrete or stealth installation of electronic components in their instrument have been welcomed here with many options to choose from.



The best way to reach me is by email pat@diburro.com

Thanks, Pat.


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I was fortunate enough to get stage clearance to a Willie Nelson show and photograph
Trigger, Willie's iconic Guitar.

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